If you want success as a model, you must have this Masterclass!

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A prestigious modelling course, in a prestigious part of town.

You’ll love the location for this highly recognised modelling and beauty course. Classes, workshops, mini-fashion shoots and studio time takes place at Sydney’s most iconic locations.

Whether you want to be a model or not, this Masterclass will change your life.

Even if the catwalk isn’t your thing, you’ll love the increased confidence & “insider” presentation skills you’ll walk away with… invaluable tips and tricks for any girl or guy.

The personal touch, from one of the country’s top modelling professionals.

In a Model Scout Academy Masterclass, you’ll be under the care of nationally renowned casting agent Sara Bhuller, graduating with a certificate that’s hugely respected throughout the industry.

You’ll be totally runway ready, in just one day.

Runway techniques, modelling posture, deportment, posing to bring out your best, building a better portfolio and comp cards, TV and the tricks to winning over casting directors, fitness and nutrition, make up, skin care, hair styling and wardrobe… you’ll be an expert in everything.

In just one day… learn how to achieve genuine, long-lasting success as a model.

Model Scout Academy saves you $1000s on the normal cost and skilfully condenses all you need to know into a one day masterclass… not run over weeks or months like many others.

Sydney’s best value Modelling Masterclass, by far.

At just 480$ all inclusive, Model Scout Academy offers Sydney’s most comprehensive, professional modelling & casting masterclass… that’s just a quarter of the normal cost.

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Welcome to Model Scout Academy… the only way you’ll ‘make it’ as a model.

Are you dreaming about being a model, but don’t know how or where to start? Have you already tried and failed to get modelling work? Are you about to give up because it’s too hard? Wherever you are in your journey or whatever you’re thinking about your prospects, one thing is for sure: If you haven’t reached out to Model Scout Academy, you haven’t been looking in the right place.

Because Model Scout Academy is one of Australia’s leading training organisations, renowned across the country for producing the finest modelling professionals, and we’re one of the first places that advertisers, modelling agencies and fashion designers look for the right face on their social media campaigns, catwalks and commercials.

Which is why our Modelling Masterclass is the only one that matters.

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To ‘make it’ in modelling, you need much more than a pretty face.

It doesn’t matter how tall you are, what kind of face you have, or what size you wear… the fact is there is a LOT of work waiting for you, if you know what you’re doing. And what most modelling hopefuls don’t realise is that, just like any other business, there is a LOT to learn in addition to looking good. There are rules, skills and industry secrets that you simply must know to succeed.

Have you had expert catwalk training and comprehensive preparation for castings? Have you been taught how to pose for all shoot scenarios? Are you skilled in maintaining promotional social media? Can you put together a portfolio? Do you understand what a ‘comp card’ is? Do you know how to freelance as a model to make more money? Have you had TV & media training?

If you’ve answered “no” to any of these, you won’t ‘make it’ without our Masterclass.


If you do not have runway training, you will not win work on the catwalk. If you do not know how to pose with fashion and accessories, you will fail at photo shoots. You must know what you’re doing… you must take this course!

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This Modelling Masterclass is much more than a course… it’s your key to really making it!

When you take Model Scout Academy’s one-day intensive Modelling Masterclass, you’ll be getting much, MUCH more than a standard modelling course.Because in addition to all the skills, tips and tricks our expert model tutors teach you, we give you priceless connections, too. So if you’re suited to modelling and you want success badly enough, we’ll recommend you to employers and kick-start your cashed-up career.

And if you think that sounds far-fetched, consider this: Right now, you’re in exactly the same situation as every other hugely successful model was at the start of their career… you know nothing, and you’ve had no experience. The only difference between the dream of modelling, and the delightful reality of true modelling success, is making sure you get an expert education.

It’s your choice… keep dreaming about being a model, or DO something about it!


Check out our 5 star Google and Facebook reviews from other models who’ve made it. These glowing recommendations tell you all you need to know about modelling success. If you want to win modelling work, this course is a must-have. It’s that simple!

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What our clients say

“I just wanted to say how incredible the modelling masterclass was, who would have thought you could cram so much into a day! I’m so much more confident now with my expanded beauty and make-up expertise, I’m rocking up to castings looking and feeling better than I ever have done, and the workload is expanding too!” Alyssa Miller, Double Bay
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