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At the Model Scout Academy we’re only happy when our students are happy. Here’s a sample of some of the feedback we have received from models (and parents).

Alyssa Miller, Double Bay

"I just wanted to say how incredible the modelling masterclass was, who would have thought you could cram so much into a day! I’m so much more confident now with my expanded beauty and make-up expertise, I’m rocking up to castings looking and feeling better than I ever have done, and the workload is expanding too!”

Vanessa Freeman, Green Point

“Your tips, advice and amazing insight to help me see more success at castings were spot on, I got offered work at the very next audition after your modelling masterclass, and the next two after that! Just had to let you know you are the ‘casting queen’, I’ll recommend you wherever I go.”

Debbie Cooper, Ryde

“It was one of the best days of my professional life so far, so great to get the low-down on the modelling industry from people who know their stuff so well – I felt so strong and knowledgeable walking out the door that day and I’ve been ‘working it’ ever since. And I must mention that your advice and help with my portfolio and comp cards has proved priceless, I’ve lost count of the people who have commended me on them!”

Maddie Forrester, Double Bay

“All of your wonderful teachings aside, it was so great to mingle with and get to know the other models. It was such a pleasure to share experiences like that with such an inspiring bunch of modelling professionals, I’ve made some great friends and networked a few exciting opportunities – so happy I made the choice to take your masterclass!”

Jessie Wright, Ashfield

“Now THAT is what I call a modelling masterclass! One cracking day with genuine experts sharing all their secrets, beautifully packaged and beautifully priced. I feel like I learnt more on that day with you than I have in months and months of modelling tuition and research elsewhere – thank you for helping me finally find the confidence overdrive I need to succeed at this.”

Anna Newton, Picnic Point

“I thought I’d always been pretty good at striking a pose before I took your modelling masterclass, but the tricks you taught me have enhanced the way I move beyond belief. I’m really hitting the mark with my pose (the directors are loving me!) and the tips you gave me on making the most of lighting and camera angles is paying off big time.”

Pip Jones, Strathfield

“You’re right you know, putting out great photos is just the beginning of getting the social media thing right. Since taking your modelling masterclass I’ve been able to work wonders with my social media profiles, making sure I get shared and seen in all the right places – I’ve even had brands contact me direct on social media with offers of fantastic work. Thank you so much!”

Rebecca Maroun, Coogee

“Even though I’ve always known I was going to be a model and like to think I am pretty good at it, if I’m honest with myself there was something missing / not quite right before I took your modelling masterclass. You’ve taught me to understand myself better in terms of the way I dress, from the tone of my skin, to the shape of my body, to features of my face – it’s all just fitting together so much better now.”

Leila Mayne, Five Dock

“Who would have thought it, me, a trending hash tag! Seriously Sara I was just about to give up on the social media thing before I took your modelling masterclass. But now I know the secrets to posting social media content so cool they just can’t help sharing, it’s proving to be a major force in the next step of my modelling career. What would have I done without you?”

Rachael Taylor, Bondi

“I was impressed enough already with your one day masterclass, but when I saw the passion behind your follow up assistance and felt so nurtured by the way you helped me get where I needed to be, I just had to write and ‘officially’ record how brilliant you are at what you do. You make modelling so much easier!”

Amelia Braddon, Mosman

“Thank you Sara for running this amazing course. I had no idea there was so much about the modelling world that I needed to know to be successful. Thank you for arranging a contract with me with a modelling agency and helping me build my modelling portfolio.”

Leanne Myers, Summer Hill

“I have no hesitation in recommending this course for anyone who wants to become a model. The one day intensive course is packed with useful information and helped me to get more work as now I know what to expect at castings and how to behave.”

Jacque Harper, Manly

“I have never thought of being a model, just wanted to learn about how to take care of my body, skin and hair etc. This course was amazing as I learnt so much. Worth every penny and more. Sara is wonderful. She is very knowledgeable and made sure that I understood everything and that all my questions were answered.”

Margaret Fletcher, Double Bay

"My daughter received a voucher for the etiquette and finishing course. This was the best present she has ever received. This course is very helpful. I am very happy my daughter attended the course as she is 18 and going to start looking for jobs in Sydney’s very competitive market. She now knows how to dress and more importantly how to act in work and social situations."

Sally Fisher, Narrabeen

“Australia has lost traditional notions of manners, business etiquette and common courtesy. What Sara is doing to help young students is simply brilliant. I think her etiquette course should be made mandatory for all young girls and boys.”

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