If you want success as a model, you must have this Masterclass!

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Portfolio Shoots

If you want to make it as a model, you must have a current Portfolio & Comp Card!

When you’re ready to turn your modelling dream into a professional reality, the two most important tools that you simply must have are:

  1. Portfolio. Your full collection of professional modelling photos, profiling you in different looks, outfits and locations. You can be certain that the models you are competing with for work will have outstanding portfolios, produced with the help of modelling experts. So if you don’t have one, you won’t win the work… it’s that simple.
  2. Comp Card. Like a business card for models, but bigger and more beautiful, which profiles your latest and greatest work. More often than not your Comp Card is the first example of your work that potential employers see, and again you can be sure that competition from other models is super-fierce… so it’s imperative you stand out in style.

Beware! Ripping off budding models on their Portfolio & Comp Cards is BIG business!

Your portfolio is a crucial investment in your modelling career… and a great portfolio WILL win you work. But the sad fact is that many unscrupulous, unprofessional photographers, studios and modelling industry ‘cowboys’ have worked out there is money to be made by promising the earth with portfolio services, charging extraordinarily high fees for a terrible quality product.

The good news is that you don’t need to worry… because Model Scout Academy offers fully transparent, truly professional Portfolio and Comp Card services at the BEST price in town!


1. Hand-picked modelling professionals & photographers

When you choose Model Scout Academy to produce your portfolio, you’ll have the peace of mind and confidence knowing you’re being looked after by some of the most highly regarded modelling and fashion industry experts, including photographers, make-up artists and stylists who have worked with a number of the country’s most successful models… and launched the careers of many new.

Without true professionals producing your portfolio, you simply won’t win modelling work.

2. Unrivalled modelling know-how about shots, locations & looks

Warning! These days with high quality cameras in phones and mainstream fascination with taking good looking pics for social media, lots of people claim to be photographers while having no technical knowledge at all… even decent portrait and event photographers do not know what they’re doing when it comes to modelling shots.

With decades of expertise up our sleeve, you’ll be in safe hands at Model Scout Academy.

3. Honest, transparent, lowest cost pricing… 100% guaranteed

Beware! Part of the rip off when you choose one of the “sausage factory” photography studios for your portfolio is that they will cut corners on your shoot to increase their profit, or mislead you into buying dozens of shots that you don’t need… and they will charge you thousands for the privilege. At Model Scout Academy we take pride in doing things differently, with honesty and integrity.

You simply won’t find better service, better price or a better result. We guarantee it.



“Academy All Stars” Portfolio & Comp Card package:

Expert ‘on location’ photo shoot (multiple locations)

Many studios and photographers simply won’t suggest a location shoot because of the extra expenses and time involved, but at Model Scout Academy we know that capturing you in different locations and situations is an essential part of your portfolio… and it’s your ultimate long term success as a model which is our priority, not making a quick buck from your photos.

Over the years we’ve found Sydney’s most striking secluded spots. And we’ll take you there.

Four outfit changes

Another crucial aspect of your portfolio often overlooked by other operators is the need to change outfits on a shoot, showcasing you across a range of fashion and accessories – casting directors and fashion designers will definitely want to see you in more than one look. At Model Scout Academy, we understand how to win modelling work, so you’ll get four outfit changes on your shoot.

Because it’s our business to ensure your portfolio gives you the very best chances of success.

Pre-shoot styling session & ‘on set’ hair &make-up artist

You’ll have a professional styling session before your shoot, but this is not enough. Things smudge, wear off, or start to look too shiny, plus for the best possible portfolio you’ll need re-styling for each outfit change to suit the look. So your Model Scout Academy portfolio shoot includes a professional hair and make-up artist with you the whole day, making sure you stay perfectly fresh.

Your Model Scout Academy portfolio will be pitch-perfect in every single shot.

10 re-touched photos & up to 200 digital prints

Your Model Scout Academy portfolio package includes advice from the experts about which 10 photos to choose and professional re-touching by some of Sydney’s finest designers. Then, unlike any other photographer or studio, we let you keep the rest of the shots for free. This is one of many big differences about our portfolio service to you, and we’re very proud of it.

You simply won’t find a more transparent, professional, friendly portfolio package – anywhere.

Comp Card production consultation

Once your portfolio photos are finalised, you’ll need to choose which ones to select for your Comp Card, plus you’ll need to know what other details about yourself to include. And this is incredibly important, because if you don’t make the right decisions your Comp Card can do you more harm than good and you’ll find that you don’t get selected for work.

But with Model Scout Academy on your side, you don’t need to worry… we’ll show you what to do.

Anywhere else for this top shelf modelling expertise you’d pay upwards of $4900.

But this “Academy All Stars”Portfolio Package costsonly $1095!


We challenge you to find a better price!

(payment plan available)

Our Personal Promise to You

Our Personal Promise to You

“Professional Starter” Portfolio Package:

Expert ‘on location’ photo shoot (single outdoor location)

Stunning outdoor shoot with a professional modelling photographer who’ll help you pose.

Two outfit changes

Our stylist will help you co-ordinate the perfect selection of outfits and colours to suit your look.

Pre-shoot styling session & ‘on set’ hair & make-up artist

In addition to the pre-shoot styling, you’ll have a hair and make-up artist ‘on set’ for touch-ups.

5 re-touched photos

This package includes five professionally re-touched photos.

Anywhere else for this top shelf modelling expertise you’d pay upwards of $1600.

But this “Professional Starter”Portfolio Package costsonly $480!


We challenge you to find a better price!

(payment plan available)

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