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Social Media Masterclass

Imagine a world where you can make $5000 per post on social media…

However you look, however you write… anyone can make money on social media.

Of all the avenues to make money that are open to you, these days a successful social media strategy is by far the fastest, easiest way to earn cash… and the fastest, easiest way to succeed on that stage is Model Scout Academy’s Social Media Masterclass.

After years at the forefront of social media influence, building followers faster than anyone else and establishing a national reputation for signing talent, we’ve decided to share the knowledge, the tips and the tricks in a masterclass tailored to make you money.

Live the life of a celebrity or VIP, for free!

Earning cash is just the start of it… with the social media skills we’ll teach you, brands will be falling over themselves to get you using their stuff, like free hotels, free flights, free restaurants, free concerts, products, clothes and anything else you can help them sell.

Demand for social media influencers in marketing campaigns is unprecedented…
…as each day passes, more & more businesses are making the move.

Photographing yourself.

As an effective social media influencer you could earn between $500 & $5000 per post…
…& this one day masterclass costs just $480!

Social Media Masterclass Summary

Share the knowledge, tips and tricks from an eclectic collective of passionate social media insiders, long term trending influencers with millions of followers and specialist social media photographers… all determined to help you find your own platform for success.

Profile Analysis

Tailored review & report on the strengths & weaknesses of your social media profile.

Personal Advice

Tailored recommendations on how to improve your social media presence.

Content Coaching

What makes engaging content for your posts & how to do again it day after day.

Build Followers

You’ll have 25,000 followers within two months & earn $500 per post.

Engage Followers

Once you’ve found followers, you need to know how to keep them interested.

Understand Trends

When is the right time to post what content? We have the insider statistics.


How intelligent hash-tagging can make you a lot more money online.

YouTube Dollars

Often forgotten, reliably lucrative. We’ll tell you how to earn from YouTube.

Instagram Videos

It’s easy to make bad videos, make sure yours look professional & well produced.

Instagram Algorithm

Insider experts show you the secrets of securing a high page ranking.

Hair & Make-up Session

Learn from the professionals how to work wonders with your look.

Photo Session

From selfies & sourcing locations, to lighting tips & editing apps. You’ll learn the lens.

Social Psychology

Understand the psychology behind the stunning success of social media.

Influencer Tips

There are secrets to becoming a social media “influencer”… & we’re sharing them.

Personal Styling

Whatever looks work for you, we’ll help you embrace & enhance them.

Product Styling

Take any product from any shelf & we’ll show you the way to perfection.

Small Print

There are some essential legal & business structure requirements to consider.

Technology & Trends

Good social media is not just about now. You need to know what’s happening next.

Agent Free

You can live like a celebrity without an agent… businesses will contact you!

Ultimate Flexibility

You can post content & earn cash from anywhere in the world.

Great Value Cost: Just $480 all inclusive

This one day masterclass could put you on the path to begin receiving $5000 in your bank per post! If you want to make easy money, our social media masterclass is a must-have.

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